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8 Reasons to Eat Eggplants More

I always liked eggplants. But I was stunned when I found out that Hindi word for this is baingan or derivation from a word meaning with no merit, since for a long time this plant was rendered useless.

No matter who created this idea, must get back their words and eat eggplants.

Here is what this eggplant does and has:

  1. It has calcium, iron and other minerals that we need. All this makes it healthy and great for any meal. Grilled, stuffed, roasted, baked, stewed it is good anyway.
  2. Eggplant also has vital phytonutrients  that make the blood flow better and nourish our brain. Keep in mind, these nutrients  are mostly in the skin peel so do not throw it.
  3. You also get fiber that is essential for the digestion tract. Also, eating eggplants regularly will keep you safe from colon cancer.
  4. Eggplant also has low calorie count with JUST 35 in a cup. It has 0 fat and lots of fibers so it makes more satiety.
  5. Also this veggie can control diabetes symptoms due to the high content of fiber and low content of carbs.
  6. Also this veggie is amazing for the health of heart. Studies shown that bad cholesterol can be lowered and you have to cook them right to get this benefit. Eggplant can soak lots of fats, so this is not good. Instead, bake them at 400 degrees and get their best non-greasy flavor.
  7. Also, cholesterol issues do not stop here. There is further more. Eggplants have bioflavonoids that control the pressure and reduce stress.
  8. Regularly eating them means less blood clots due to the vitamin K that makes capillaries stronger and healthier.


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