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Natural Method To Treat Sinusitis

You can relieve sinusitis by having a nasal procedure, but you need to eliminate foods that help to form mucus.

This disease is an inflammatory paranasal sinus or hollow concavity that exists in the bones that circulate the nose, chronically or acutely.

We present a simple and comfortable, natural product to be made as sinusitis treatment and what causes it, other syndromes are congestion, coughing, fatigue, the head gets heavy and pains in it, finally advising you how to treat this condition naturally.

Natural method to treat sinusitis

-It is necessary a Tibetan pot of plastic or ceramic: similar to a small pitcher, it makes it possible to wash nostrils to clean airways. It is achieved with herbalists or where they sell health products. It is a better reservoir than others like the syringe, which penetrate the water with force.

-Seawater, united with normal water. Divide the saline and natural water in half. Buy in herbalists, shops, dietitians or supermarkets. Not having mixed 1 liter of normal water and 3 teaspoons of sea salt dissolving completely.


-Pour the salt water into the jars, placing it up in an area where the water can be poured.

-It has to be done with an open mouth and breathe through it, lean forward

-Introduce the lota in the left nostril, relax and let the water in, seeing how it comes out of the other pit.

-When the liquid runs out, clean the nose, exhaling gently to remove mucus and toxicity.

-Do it also in the right pit.


If done daily, you get the following:

-Improvement in how to breathe frequently
-The moisture that accumulates in the nasal sinus disappears, like bacteria and the toxic.
-Cleans clearing the channels that connect eyes, ears, and nose.
-Speeds nerve endings in relation to the brain
-Calm a migraine
-You concentrate better
-Warn about insomnia
-Relax and stabilize by relaxing
-Press snoring when sleeping

Food that produces secretions.

It is important to avoid secretions when feeding, it is produced by

Derivations of milk, if they come from the cow. They can be replaced by a goat, sheep and other animals, otherwise by vegetative drinks (rice, almond or oats).

Purified flours, found in bread and buns. It should be avoided and consumed dextrinated bread (It looks like toasted crackers) or rice tortillas or corn.

It’s recommended:

We complete the recipe, to make it more functional, with 2 anti-aging remedies:

–Nettle tea: cleans and removes moisture

–Raw garlic: with mucus eliminating the effect . It can be taken even with food (You can become a Tibetan priest of garlic) or in pills if digestion is difficult.

–There is also an ancient remedy of American Indian culture. Candles headphones or Hopi candles are craft cones of beeswax, extracts, and herbs for medicinal use, which is simple and effective. Eliminates toxins and ear wax, also cleanse and purify all the channels in the head. Candles can be found in herbal stores, stores with products of nature and in pharmacies. Do not use if you have perforated the eardrum, ear skin difficulties, otitis, allergies or if you have infected the ear, you must follow carefully by following the steps.

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