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Perfect Body Challenge, One Exercise, 4 Minutes, 28 Days – A Body Of Your Dreams!

This challenge is a perfect way for improving the body shape, and is already done by many people from different parts all over the world.

The most significant exercises for strengthening the middle part of your body are the planks. Planks are similar to the push-ups. The muscles are contracting almost like toys do push-ups, and they aren’t going to be any shorter or any wider, but they will be strengthened from inside and will be much stronger.

The challenge is made of pretty slow increase of time you are spending for the planks throughout 4 weeks. You should start with 20 seconds and your ultimate goal should be to do the planks for 4 minutes. In the completion stage of the body sharpening, you should be prepared for further difficulties and your muscles weight will get to be more emphasized.

Upright position is very essential for doing these activities. Your upper part of the body need to be in a straight line, when you are raising the toes and the elbows.

Uphold the straight line with a deep breath with the stomach muscles and the head and neck. By pushing up your buttocks muscles, split the weight on the elbow and legs so that you may also strengthen the balance.

After completing the correct position, it’s only left to go above the expectations in 28 days challenge.

  • 1st Day: 20 seconds
  • 2nd Day: 20 seconds
  • 3th Day: 30 seconds
  • 4th Day: 30 seconds
  • 5th Day: 40 seconds
  • 6th Day: Rest
  • 7th Day: 45 seconds
  • 8th Day: 45 seconds
  • 9th Day: 60 seconds
  • 10th Day: 60 seconds
  • 11th day: 60 seconds
  • 12th Day: 90 seconds
  • 13th Day: Rest
  • 14th Day: 90 seconds
  • 15th day: 90 seconds
  • 16th Day:120 seconds
  • 17th Day: 120 seconds
  • 18th Day: 150 seconds
  • 19thDay: Rest
  • 20th Day: 150 seconds
  • 21st Day: 150 seconds
  • 22nd Day: 180 seconds
  • 23rd Day: 180 seconds
  • 24th Day:210 seconds
  • 25th Day: Rest
  • 26th Day: 210 seconds
  • 27th Day: 240 seconds
  • 28th Day: carry on as much as you can

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